Life as I know it.

Wow, it’s been such a long time. My life has change tremendously. I went to and graduated from job corps. Made friends and lost them. Got a job an apartment. A fiancé, turned boyfriend. And I’m just living life. One week at a time. Getting more focused on my store. And what I want in life. My goals. If I can’t fix today. I will at least pave my tomorrow.

Deuces ;)

Me me me me me! (singsong voice!)

Me me me me me! (singsong voice!)

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So.. Lol

I’ve been gone forever! No excuses, cept I didn’t have ye all mighty internet. :P
But I do now. So I’ll update with many random ramblings about my daily life as it goes on.

Also, I’m not sad anymore. I left right after a grizzly post. I’m not dead people. Thanks to all of the none of you that asked. *glares. Any hoo. Me and my mom will always clash. I just, happen to really love her. So no matter what she does. Which isn’t the issue, as much as what she says. That sends my mind into the darker corner of my brain. I refuse to let it get me down long term. But I can’t fault myself for my initial reactions.

And on a super tiny note: I for the life of me, can’t figure out how to add pictures from my iPhone! It’s causing land mines of confusion to erupt all over my brains! So, if you know. Assist me please! ;D

I’m tired of trying.

I have never wanted to die in a single moment more, than I want to right now. There are things that you cannot say to me. There are things a mother should never say to her daughter. You didn’t just cross the line. You set a new standard. And now I have to pick up the pieces of this heart you’ve obliterated. - I feel like dying.

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Your the best.

I’m never gonna stand in the way of what makes you happy unless it’s detrimental to your well being. Your my best friend. Pure and simple, and I’ve always been that girl searching for one like a soul mate of the friend variety. And I cant imagine living life, growing up, getting married and having kids without you in the picture. But at the end of the day it’s about you. And your happiness, your truth. And if I’m not apart of that down the road. I thank god for the time we had together. It’s been a long and bumpy five years. But I wouldn’t change them, or how we turned out. I love you Steff. We became friends on an accident almost it seems. But where we go from here is a choice. I’d hate to see you go. But Id never stop you, I’m not that selfish. Remember, your the best.

-yours always looloo

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Happy New Year!

Wow, looking back… Ive come a looooong way. I changed my life for the better. Now its 2011 and Im ready to make even more positive changes. My resolution is to whip my ass back into shape while maintaining top marks in school. Further down the line I aspire to have my own place before my 21st birthday. I also wanna give a shout out to steff. because I just found the note she left on my ipod.

To steff: Your my five star chick. Ride or Die always. We inspire each other make the right choices, and to just be better women. Im thankful for everytime we get to hang out. I miss you too! and This is my reminded to you. Of how much I love you! Like for serious. Id tattoo it in ink for you. :)

Love Lulu.

Got to spend time with the bestii. We made vision boards and got to talk about some real shit. I love her, and I’m totally gonna miss her when I leave for school.

Got to spend time with the bestii. We made vision boards and got to talk about some real shit. I love her, and I’m totally gonna miss her when I leave for school.

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its funny how on tumblr, we let strangers read about our lives,




but we keep secrets from our closest friends.

Because our “friends” are quick to judge and “accidentally” tell everybody else what they’ve found out. Strangers don’t know us, so even if they do judge us, they have nobody to go run and tell. And that’s the way I like it.


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3 years old - “mommy, i love you”
13 years old - “WHATEVER MOM !”
16 years old - “Mom is so damn annoying”
18 years old - “i wanna leave this house!”
25 years old - “Mom, you were right”
30 years old - “i wanna be with my mom again”
50 years old - “i dont want to lose my mom”
70 years old - “i would give up everything for my mom to be here with me”

We only have 1 Mom.
Reblog this if you appreciate your Mom. ♥

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